Haley is a popular digital creator who inspires her audience of over half a million to achieve subconscious breakthroughs, manifest the lives of their dreams and connect more deeply with the Universe.


Content Creator | Subconscious Breakthrough Coach

 Podcast Host | Singer/Songwriter




I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

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Meet Haley

Hi, I’m Haley! I’m a 25 year old digital creator and dream chaser living in New York City.

My life changed when I started EFT Tapping in June of 2019 with my practitioner, Tiffany. [Check out our podcast episode together HERE!] I had graduated from Brown the year before, boldly quit my 9 to 5 to pursue my own thing, and… found myself completely and totally stuck. I was a far cry away from the life I envisioned for myself. 

When I started EFT, everything started to change. I saw firsthand how the power of mindset, healing old stories, releasing stored emotions, and programming our minds in the direction of our DREAMS can change everything.

Within 7 months, I was able to scale my business and afford the move to New York City, where everything took off.

I started posting on TikTok consistently in May of 2020 and truly felt I had aligned with my dream life - since I’ve wanted to be a talk show host since I was little! My content of choice was what was most aligned with ME at the core, and what I’d always been (secretly) interested in & applying to my life: MANIFESTATION.

The more I kept learning and applying these principles to my life, the more everything kept expanding. And, even more exciting: as I continued teaching these concepts after verifying them myself, I heard how my community was experiencing MASSIVE shifts and manifestations, too!

As my audience grew, I moved into spirituality coaching and content full-time, and, as they say, “the rest is history!”

I love leading the Dreamway Community: my online group under MightyNetworks where spiritual big dreamers can come together for the monthly programming I host on topics like abundance, EFT Tapping, and manifesting. 

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Additionally, I expanded my coaching to include EFT Tapping after learning firsthand from my practitioner, and I work 1:1 with clients daily, helping them to uncover the subconscious blocks keeping them from their full power to manifest their DREAMS and experience the daily bliss we are supposed to enjoy! It’s been a joy to work with almost 87 clients and counting!

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I then started to think:  how can I bring EFT to MORE people? That’s when my most popular program to date, SLINGSHOT SESSIONS, was born! These 90 minutes sessions employ GROUP EFT tapping, and I urge you to check out the recordings or join us for our next live sessions. 


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Of course, I’m pursuing more of my own dreams, too. My first single is expected to release late Spring (more soon!) and I’m still working hard on my dream of being a talk show host! But ALL of this is so fun - I love what I do, and I’m happy you’re here. Take a look around to explore what we’re up to! 




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