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I work with women of all ages and backgrounds to help them define and articulate their personal brand, then help them create a sustainable social media strategy to enact it. Utilizing the three pillars of personal branding, we'll revitalize your online presence to reflect your work's mission statement and your unique personality. 


After a deep dive session to understand your purpose and personality with my workbook, I put together a month-by-month strategy to tailor your content to your hopes for your personal brand, may they include:


-Attracting clients


-Landing brand sponsorships

-Launching a product line

-Becoming a full-time blogger or solo-preneur



Schedule a 20 minute personal branding consultation here.

Personal Branding


Your personal brand is vitally important today. It gives credibility while sharing your identity with the world. Many believe that a personal brand must be 'created' - but the most authentic personal brands are those that are simply unleashed. You have everything you need within you to comprise your personal brand; you simply need to identify and verbalize its elements.


This workbook will help you understand what your unique personal brand is, then help you create a robust social media and content strategy to start sharing your brand with the world.

(This workbook is included with coaching.)