Coaching With Haley

Coaching is one of my favorite parts of what I do, because MIRACLES can happen even over the course of ONE HOUR. 

Maybe you’re feeling extremely stuck in your job or your relationship but you WANT to be happy there, reconnecting to what drew you to it in the first place. Easy enough to work through! 
Maybe you want to start posting on social media but you KNOW you have a fear of being seen that precludes you from ever hitting those view counts you’re dreaming of… or, from posting at ALL! That’s a fairly straightforward fix. 
Maybe you keep hitting an income ceiling and you’re ready to majorly uplevel financially. EASY! 
Maybe you’re totally lost on your next step, your life purpose, or you just feel a MAJOR block in your space that shows up as full body exhaustion, lack of motivation, or just feeling… well, BLOCKED every time you try to move anything forward. 
Here’s the thing about EFT Tapping: we’re clearing emotional, energetic blocks in your space. All of these “problems” are due to some type of crisis in your subconscious. MY job as a subconscious breakthrough coach is to help you uncover what memory or limiting belief this block is attached to - then, help you rewire the belief and RELEASE the block through tapping, a little hypnosis, and affirmations. 
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 How Coaching Works 


It’s really important to me that YOU run the show in terms of what you need. So, you tell me what’s bothering you most and how you know you’re stuck or blocked. Then, I take it from there. You’re the boss! 
I get to work asking the right questions to understand what’s going on in your subconscious. Then, we begin EFT tapping. A session can have up to 12 rounds of tapping, with a few of my other highly effective rewiring techniques interlaced between. It’s TOTALLY okay if you’ve never done tapping before - I will walk you through it! 
And, if you’ve tried some EFT on your own but you haven’t seen shifts, I promise it’s because you need the objectivity of an outside coach to guide your brain. (Even AS a subconscious breakthrough coach with all my knowledge of the brain, I still need a practitioner to access my blind spots!). 
Most clients report feeling FAR lighter just by the end of a session. The latest research has found that it takes 60 days for the brain to reach “Apex,” meaning that everything has rewired. So, you’ll start to see actual evidence of the changes within the next two months. Some clients have had IMMEDIATE shifts (getting an inbound client request or an offer on their house high above asking DURING session!), and some are more like me, where the actual physical evidence may take a few weeks to show up. 
But it starts with how you FEEL. And once you start feeling lighter, grounded, more inspired and creative, magic starts to happen. 
So, what do you say? Should we clear those blocks together? 
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